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Everything you need to sew beautiful designs — from tools and supplies, to expert guidance, we have the space for your inspiration.

Novice or expert, 

all are welcome at Pomegranate Place

No Intimidation

You don’t have to be an expert to come here– simply share your love of sewing and quilting with others.

Find Your Happy Place

Enjoy being in a space dedicated to creativity and leave feeling accomplished.

Shared Creativity

Join us for a class to learn from those who share your love of sewing and quilting and being creative.

Select Design & Color Palette

Decide what colors you want to complement your design.

Select Your

Make your fabric choices and you are ready to begin!

Bring it
to Life

Rent our space or sign up for a class to bring your creation to life!

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At Pomegranate Place, we welcome you to grow your love of sewing and quilting—get inspired, learn and share techniques, and discover the confidence to bring your designs to life. 

Our love of all things fabric is what inspired Pomegranate Place. We wanted a place where you could come be inspired by beautiful designs and lovely fabrics. A place where you could share your knowledge with others, or perhaps learn from those with more experience. A place where you wouldn’t feel intimidated, but rather empowered to bring your creations to life. 

We know there may be some misgivings about a small, specialty store—we are more expensive than big chain craft stores, or we aren’t as conveniently located or open as often. We like to think that we carry higher quality fabrics that give you better end results. You can shop with us online anytime, appointments are welcome, and classes are encouraged. And we offer a great destination shop with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We believe these are the things that make us unique. 

Come visit us and see what you’ve been missing. Whether you have been quilting for years or have never sewn a stitch, we welcome you to the creative space at Pomegranate Place. 

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